Sunday, December 27, 2009

hoping the new year will bring some sunshine !

I sat down last night and sort of made a list of what has happened to me ( good & bad ) the past year.

I have a Jan 19th Appointment with the small claims clerk, to fill for a hearing.( against Mer & Monde ).....another expense and lost time I could life without.

The Japanese restaurant where I exposed my entire ''koi '' collection is closed ??
I tried to call last evening to schedule a pickup of the paintings for the first week of January. ( yes I have a contract )....but it's NOT looking good.* sigh*........As things are going.......I would not be surprised at the worst.

As far as the place I started working for one 1/2 months ago ( and I am still waiting for my pay )....I finally was lucky to get a contact the 24th....and talked to someone.
I admit I lost my cool...and told them to ''stuff '' the job.......oops....yes I know...but NOT paying me...before Christmas....wasn't a '' small '' thing.
I was counting on this for some holiday food, a couple of tubes of paints..part of my upcoming rent...not big expenses..and not luxury.

I am lucky...I had bought and cooked some dishes...2 weeks ago....but I am left with 0$....

I am numb.......I am beyond being mad, disappointed, ......I just feel nothing !

I am wishing.....( somehow ) the new year will bring some sunshine to my life.
I still do NOT understand why this is all happening to me....( the list is so would not believe all )

The best time of the passing year 4 months of painting..full time.
Doing the painting For The Kennair Foundation,
And my 2 small fishing trips.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Interesting week....

Well this week was filled with lots of emotions.
Started a new job. ( NOT at all what I thought it would be ), but I am grateful to work.

Got a call from my gynecologist ( his secretary ) And was asked to go see him ASP..........And it had been over 1 week that they were trying to get a hold of me on the phone.
I have ''abnormal results '' this is all the secretary could tell me.
To make things more interesting....Th Dr. Was off all I could not know more, he will be back on Wednesday the 9th Dec.


I sometimes '' Google '' my see if the search engines catch my ''meta tags ', from my web site.
I stumbled onto MER & MONDE.
I had dealt with this editor back in 2002 -2003.
They was selling cards from some of my paintings...and I was supposed to get a % of the sales.
I never received any % So I asked them if they were really selling them .
They told me that they never sold one....ok.....
I sent them an email and spoke on the phone with them to cancel my contract.
Contract was 2004-2005 ?

2 Years ago I was shopping with a friend.......and she needed some gift cards..
We entered a boutique ( gifts & cards ) ...and she screamed to me.....Lucie ! look !
I was cards where on display ! what?????
I asked the sales lady who fortunately was the manager...just how long they have been dealing with the Editor......and how long ( my ) the cards were up for sale.

She told me about 4 years...
I asked her to call the representative..( after I told her who I was..and the short story )
She called...and passed me the phone.......I told the representative to have someone call me back ASP.

I bought 5 of ''my '' cards.and so did my friend.

Now back to what I found Tuesday morning........( googling my name )

Now this is going a bit TOO far.........they re-edited my art...and 2 of them..I never.but never sent or gave them permission to edit.
They do not even post my ( new as of 3 years ago ) website URL ?......what a joke !

WTF ??
I a way it is flattering...but in another way...I never but NEVER gave my permission to edit them. I t was NOT a life-time contract.
And...I would like some sort of commission..........right ?
And....why as they told me....( didn't sell ) are they selling them again..?

So now....I have to write up a'' legal '' letter...and ask for their financial assessments from year 2002 to 2009.
They can not say they never sold any..I still have the 5 I bought.
And tell them to take me off the website.....and to pay me an amount.
If they do not do this.I have to see a Lawyer to get an injunction for this to happen.
Then court.

Why do theses things always happen to me....I mean..I am not a world-wide famous artist ?

Interesting week...right ?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

on to new things !

and a bit of self promotion.....well...because I have to... :)

First....I have to say a big thanks to the photograph Kev Holman........for the photo of the Canadian goose ....I will be doing this middle January.......after I do 1 or 2 other painting to get my hand and mind back in ''paint mode '' Thanks Kev !!!

Second...........I am happy to say I finally found a job..and just in time !
and third..( self promotion part )

I have 5 packs of 10 post carda left of a painting I did last Sept.
price....10 $ ( s & h included ) This will pay for my bus fare to go to my new job. :)

And last.......... all my prints at AK.........ARE AT 15 % .....code : LTO9


Monday, November 23, 2009

Asthma attacks !

All was going well..till at supper yesterday......I was feeling nauseated....dizzy..and could not seem to have any air...I went outside to get some air...* wrong *...the cold air set up an asthma attack...

JUST Great !

I came back in....feeling worst of inhalers didn't I went to the Hospital ER.
I didn't wait long...........they took me in right away.
I knew I was having an attack......but little did I know it was a combination of 2 things.
As soon as I could speak....without choking up I answered there questions.

They asked me....the list of the meds I was taking....
When I said I had stopped the cortisone pills.2 days ago..they looked at me...with blank faces.
I said what.......whats wrong ?

They told me my BP was extremely low...and That is a symptom of Prednisone withdrawal. ( cortisone )
eh ??? No one told me told me about that.......
I had stopped first : because I was feeling better....and 2nd : I was feeling like a smoking frog...ready to pop...( I was all swollen )

Well next time tell me this....sheshhh.......( I hate pills !!!! ) I got treated with intravenous corticosteroids, inhaled reliever medication (bronchodilator) and oxygen.
Then they watched my progress with spirometry, peak flow monitoring and oximetry.

Let me go home at about 55 % of lung capacity.
I walked home......and went to bed....still shaking form all the meds.

Now I will tell you about the ''red zone'' for Asthma.
Go to the closest Hospital.

· Excessive coughing
· Excessive wheezing
· Extreme tightness in the chest
· Extremely laboured breathing
· Sweating
· Gasping voice
· Pale or blue lips or fingernails
· Anxiety or fear
· Decreased activity level
· Reliever medication does not seem to be working to relieve the symptoms

If you are undergoing a treatment that involves dosages of prednisone, you should be careful not to withdraw the dosage suddenly.
Once we start taking prednisone dosages, our body reduces/stops production of cortisol depending upon prednisone volume.
If the dosages are stopped suddenly, it can be fatal for the health as there is no production of cortisol in the body and the external supplement is also stopped.
This condition is also known as Addisonian Crisis or Adrenal Crisis. Prednisone withdrawal should be gradual which will help the body start producing cortisol required for various functions in the body.

Steroid withdrawal symptoms can mimic many other medical problems. Weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (which can lead to fluid and electrolyte abnormalities), and abdominal pain are common. Blood pressure can become too low, leading to dizziness or fainting. Blood sugar levels may drop.

So I am back on these darn pills again...... :(

I hate one side effect; ( as all women ......I am sure )

Weight gain is the most common side-effect of prednisone. Fluid retention is the main culprit when it comes to weight gain. Another related prednisone side-effect is accumulation of extra fat in the body. This fat gets deposited in particular areas like the back, abdomen and face. The weight gained due to prednisone is lost after cessation of use of steroids.

Take care of your Asthma........get it monitored.

Have a good day everyone....
I will take a nap later on....but I have tons to do today.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Specifications of Prints

Last week at the painting Symposium, I was giving out cards ( eyes of the future reproductions )
One artist that was in the booth beside me was asking about prints, limited prints, open editions ect.....
We started a conversation on this.and 2 more joined us.
2 were professional artists..and have had prints edited .
After searching the web, later at home.....I have to agree with this.

I wrote down some information and decided to share theses with you.

What does the print's number mean?

Each print has two numbers, which appear like this on the print:

The bottom number (in this example, 400) refers to the number of prints in the edition. The top number ( or left side ) (26) means that this is the 26th print in a series of 400 prints. Once the stated number of a limited edition has been reached, no more prints are made from that original image. Both the artist and the printer destroy all high-resolution scans of the image, ensuring that no more prints are made. An OPEN edition means that there is no limit to the number of prints produced from the same original image.

What does "Limited" mean?

Limited refers to the bottom ( or right side )number of the print. Once that number is defined, which it must be before the series is printed, more copies of the print cannot be made. The print has had its quantity LIMITED, or prescribed.

Is a Limited Edition Print as valuable as an Original Painting?

No, an original painting is more valuable because it is one of a kind - literally the ORIGINAL.

What is the relative value of different types of prints?

A LIMITED edition is usually much more valuable than an OPEN edition.A smaller limited edition (eg. 40) is usually more valuable than a larger limited edition (eg. 4000) Prints that have the artist's original signature are more valuable than an unsigned or mass-printed artist's signature edition. As always, it depends upon supply and demand.

Does the Artist hand-sign each print?

Yes, each print is individually hand-signed and hand-numbered, in pencil or acid free pens ( depending on the paper ), on the bottom of each print. The number appears on the bottom left; the signature appears on the bottom right.

The artist must have a signature and not an Inicial ( eg : LT my case )
Why ?
This is the statement that the artist approved the prints and they are legal. ( like signing any documents , checks, contracts )
The signature on the prints must be the same as on the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with the print., thus Identifying the Artist.

What is the difference between a painting and a print?

With the sophistication of modern printing methods, it can be difficult to differentiate between an original painting and a print. Under a magnifying glass, you should be able to see the fine dot pattern that is distinctive for a print. The original painting will not have a dot pattern.

Is a print a good investment?

Yes. The investment value of these prints is enhanced by their limited number and by the artist hand-signing and hand-numbering each individual print which is produced. They are not as valuable as the original painting, but will still be a valuable collector's item. In most cases, a limited edition print will increase in value in the same way as an original. For example, a 1984 limited edition print by wildlife artist Terry Redlin sold for $600. Now the same print sells for $2,800.

How should my print be framed?

It is very important for your print to be "Conservation Framed". This method uses acid-free board, tape and glue. Any reputable framer will know about Conservation Framing. It is suggested that the prints be framed behind glass. It is customary to leave a small margin of white space between the printed area and the edge of the framing mount board. This margin of white space is where the signature and number of the print appear.

How does light affect my print?

Bright daylight and even bright artificial light can cause colors to fade and papers to discolor and become brittle. Too much light is harmful even when ultra-violet rays are filtered out; so make sure your print is exposed to moderate light for limited hours at a time. Don’t place prints on walls that receive direct outside light for any length of time. Think, too, of rotating your prints from time to time to give them a rest. Strong light has serious effects on prints, with ultraviolet light causing colors to fade and change. Using UF3 Plexiglas instead of normal glass will reduce light damage.

Hope this will be helpful to you :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I only have 12 Artists for my art exposition in the church basement for the 12 th & 13 th Dec.
I was hoping for more.
I will wait another week..then decide if I will cancel or move the date to February.
12 is not enough to be considered a '' serious '' exposition. The place will have an ''empty '' felling ....and this is not good for selling.
Funny...........people like crowds....and to hide in them.

I saw this weekend...some people don't look at the artist...but the art. As if they do not want to be solicited and pressured to buy.
I think they do not know........that art cries out different to each individual.......and as Artists we can not impose this on anyone.
You like it..or you don't.

I have a job interview this afternoon....walking to can not afford the bus fare.
Hope it works my is VERY hard to find a job.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ten Commandments of Art Pricing

I found this interesting..
I have been lowering my eat and pay my upcoming December rent ( hopeful thinking )
I feel like I have been unfaithful to those who bough my painting at the '' normal '' price.
From now on....I will follow theses rules :

Robert Genn's Ten Commandments of Art Pricing

  • Thou shalt start out cheap.
  • Thou shalt publish thy prices.
  • Thou shalt raise thy prices regularly and a little.
  • Thou shalt not lower thy prices.
  • Thou shalt not have one price for Sam and another for Joe.
  • Thou shalt not price by talent or time taken, but by size.
  • Thou shalt not easily discount thy prices.
  • Thou shalt lay control on thy agents and dealers.
  • Thou shalt deal with those who will honour thee.
  • Thou shalt end up expensive.

Now for my weekend.......I gathered some friends to help me pay for a Painting Symposium the 14 th & 15, at a large shopping centre in Quebec City.

I didn't sell anything....* I am a bit sad...*....but the experience was well worth the money I have to pay back.

Rent will have to wait...going to job interviews will be by foot not by bus...will eat once a day.
Small sacrifices to be an artist.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Enough is Enough ! you didnt I ?
I guess with life ''slapping me around '' theses days..I am more aggressive....( art business wise )

I was up all night Wednesday, and made a list as to where I was going ..........and that all is blocking me from a paying job ( lost the new one due to 2 ....not 1 but issues after..... 3 days ) grrrrrr

Ok.......I am organizing a art sale in the Church basement of my neighborhood.
I negotiated the 2 days of rent..and with 30 artists we could have this ( I already have 5 )
The price for the 2 days for the space is 40 $..( FOR THE ARTISTS ) ..everything is included. electricity, 2 big tables, chairs........and all the artists have to do is decorated there stands.
Dec 12 & 13th.
I think this is a good deal...we all want exposure ....this is why we paint, after all, lets be honest.

Next.......I contacted a Japanese restaurant to expose my ''koi paintings ''.....He was more than happy to accept, so I will be on the phone at noon to fix a time ( Saturday ) to bring them to the restaurant.
I am not sure the 5 foot one will find a good place..but at least he will have 5 other ones to expose & sell for me.
Exposure..again ! :)

I made the list of my long-term project of a coop gallery......
This will be tricky...but I have to get to the Major.....for some logistics and funds.

The elections just finished so I will leave him 2 weeks to resettle into his schedule.

This gallery will promote local and unknown and brushed away artists ( that don't have art diplomas )...and that are forever snubbed by the prestigious art galleries in Quebec City.
He wants to promote the arts..and Quebec is the TIME !

Saturday, October 31, 2009

watercolor tests

Well....since I can not paint ( on canvas ) for a while ...I decided to exercise my '' ahmmm '' skills with water colors.
So here are tests number 3 -4 -5
Not to bad..but with some classes I think I could do something more pleasing to me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a bit private.........but what the heck

Monday...10 am......Gynecologic appointment for a scan on my ovaries.
I found an MD , 4 days ago and she found a mass....just great ! *sigh*

But I am not surprised.......16 months menopaused ( very- very early ) ,...and now blood loss...fatigue...depression...horrible back pain..and pelvic pains.
Something was wrong.......we gals know it...right ?

Last month.......fever for 2- 3 days.......without any other symptoms .......( though it was a flu )....I was sure
a truck had run over me overnight.

I kept this to myself.....for over a week........but asked some online friends about these symptoms.
First about the abnormal blood loss..than another freind....... for maybe a small depression...I did not
put the 2 together I think.

I think that maybe the small depression is 100% part of this.......I cried when my son called me tonight....for no reason.......WTF ?
This is NOT me.....I feel like someone else is inside me......I feel like crap and I want her !

I do admit I am a wee bit stressed out.....but at the same time I want & need to know.
I can deal with what ever it long as I know what it is.

Maybe this came or was scheduled at a time that I can not paint.......the future is always written for us in a way..and it is time to take care of myself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

putting away my paintbrushes for a while.

Time to take a break.
I need funds to re-stock up on painting supplies.
Time to get a job...full time ( Dr. says no...but I have no choice ) or part time ( would be better )

Anyways.I have to fix some sort of heating in my studio.....yesterday it was about 10 c ......a bit cold to sit and paint for 8 hours.

Although I have tons of ideas in my mind..I can not paint them due to lack of paints....etc.
I will sketch them keep a reference for the future.
Anyways..I draw and doddle is part of breathing.
I am happy though....that I could spend the last ( almost ) 5 months painting full time......and I did keep an eye opened for a part-time job.

This was a warm happy part of my year.
I remember the sunny mornings..that I set up my easel outside...mixed with all the city sounds as a flowers.....neighbors waving to me. :)
Theses moments will be in my head...dreaming.........till I can do this again.

I still have about 33 paintings ready to be am going to concentrate on the selling part at this time.
I hope in the very near future to post some new art....

See you soon !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 flowers

Ok..I picked myself up reasonably....I guess we all have our ''down '' times.
Painting helps me to focus on what I can do...and not What I could of ''done '' in the past.

I am offering 3 small sized painting...( this was hard for me to down size ) it kept me concentrated on the paintings.and not myself pity :).

all are under 200. 00 $
They are all........12 x 16 inches

You can contact me if you are interested in one of the paintings.
One of them has a floating frame :)

Have a good Thanksgiving weekend !

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Depression or lack of courage

People just love to ignore warnings, don’t they ?

I was being depressed about my choice and disappointed with myself because I have thought about what I would love to do….. but never had the courage because of moolah.

Vitamin ‘’ Moolah ‘’ is important because here, I can’t eat without paying. I can’t claim from any charity because I’m earnings something.

Anyways..I am too independent for this.

Money makes the world go round, they say.

I am starting to wish MY world would turn a bit.

I could honestly write a book about my past...rape…..domestic violence….death of a child…being robed…scamed…ect…

It is my life…and maybe in a way it has made me stronger than most people….but also more sensitive…..and closed-in.

Now that I have had courage to face my choice….5 months latter ….after leaving a paying day job….. I spent the better part of the week . Asking myself if I did the right move.

I am not asking for big moolah…. here…..only ‘’ one ‘’ G a month.

Just enough to survive..feed my cats…eat….and have less stress.

After almost 5 months…I have painted a total of 30 paintings.

That’s a total of 1. 1/2 paintings a week..and I am not talking about 12 x 12 inches….they are mostly all large…unless commissioned.

I know…I know…..I should do smaller ones.

.But almost all the time I sit down and when I want to start one..I feel like I am compressing my brain…my inspiration.

Hard to explain.

So as most of all Artists…I have to find a part time job.

At My age….and with all the heath issues I have….it will be probably minimum salary.

I am going to face my choice…half-time..for now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

christmas cards ?

Some people asked me if I would do some Christmas cards with my art work on them.
I had some free time this I doodled a couple of subjects.
I tried to keep the details simple.....
The first one ( that did not turn out good ) was a rabbit ( white ) in snow.
And 3 bird drawings.
The one above is the one I choose. :)

All I have to do now is find a printer. :)
I found one on line, called vista print. They are offering the first 25 free.
I am not sure of the quality...but it's worth a try .

Saturday, September 26, 2009

carp series are finished

well..I may do one or two more.....not sure yet :)

The first one is 12 x 36 inches.
Kawarimono Carp

The second one is 20 x 20 inches
Tancho Sanke Carp

And the third is 30 x 30 inches
Doitsu Carp.

I am doing a ''zen moments ''page on my website today.and theses will on them along with the Koi Pond.

I hope you enjoy these !

Have a good weekend !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

another ''zen'' painting on the roll :)

Sketch on black Canson pastel paper.....of the 30 x 30 inch painting I will start maybe Tomorrow.

I think I will do a small series of what I will call '' The Zen moments ''
I will do them in different they can be accessible to everyone.
I find them relaxing to paint..and to look at.
I get lost in thoughts of peace and tranquility .
Things and times like this in our hectic world are rare.

All of them will have black leave anyone's imagination as to what lies in the depths of the water.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A fun week !

I am happy with this took about 40 hours +/-
I didn't time myself...but this was fun to do !
I sort of got lost in time with details...dreaming of having a pond like this one day.
I can see myself sitting drinking coffee in the morning......feeding the carps....listening to the birds signing.....ahhhhhhhhh.
This painting is quiet I am hopeful the person who hangs this on their wall...will get lost in what I had visioned.
30 x 60 inches.
2 1/2 x 5 feet

Finished the 18th 9 pm.

** as on the photos for a larger view *

Have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

taking a big bite.........

click to see larger

Well after doing the under-painting ( the first step.. ) here is where I am at.....
Sort of a big the big bite.....will I able to do this ...can I swallow the big bite I took ?
2 1/2 x 5 feet.
30 x 60 inches.
Maybe 36 hours and + to go on this one......Details....details.........and more details !
I know it looks crappy right now.....but this will change.
I f you see an arrow on on of the lily pads..that has to be changed to a wider one ( this was my reference on the photo I took to see the perspective )

The second photo is part ( beginning ) of the details that will be painted...water effects..bubbles.....ect....

see you next year ! lol !

.not really.....but in 3 -4 days. :-D

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sketch of Koi pond

I staid up most of the night. sketching.and searching for some elements to put in my Koi pond painting.
30 x 60 inches
( 2 1/2 feet x 5 feet )
I finally have come up with what I have in my head.
This could change a bit..but the overview will be about the same.
I am not sure of the color of the lotus' is not one of my favorite I will probably go with white., or yellow ?
I will have to look up if there are yellow lotus.

See you this week....when this will be half finished.

Maybe a 40 to 50 hour I will be busy :)

Have a good weekend !

Friday, September 11, 2009

Lotus..Finished :)

click on the photo for a larger view.

I am so happy...... :)
The Lotus painting came up pretty good.
Now what I had in mind..was a Koi pond.
The Lotus painting was a sort of test to see if I could get the flower & lily pads to look real.

The next a canvas.....30 x 60 inches..( I think I have one )..Lotus..lily pads..and 2 or 3 Koi fish swimming around.
I have to compose the sketch, so this will take me to Monday till I start.
I will post the first steps of the ''koi pond '' painting.

Have a good weekend ! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

zen time

I have always wanted to do a lotus.......
It is a sign of peace......and calm.
24 x 30 inches.
I started this yesterday morning......
Needs lots of details yet..( leaves & maybe ripples in the dark water...etc..) makes me smile.....up to I do every time I paint flowers.

Only 1/2 done..but I think it will be nice :)

Sorry for the blurry photo.

Just A thought

Just a thought this morning…….

Why is it when some Artists say they are professionals…then take months to do ONE painting.

( I am not talking about masterpieces here…full of interminable details… )

Having excuses… I am tired…….too busy..etc…I am sick…..

To me…….. being a professional artist …….as in all professions, is to work even if your not feeling good, if it was a paying job, you would have to go to work anyways..or louse your job.

I takes discipline…lots of it !

Free time is a bonus….if you choose free time over working on your artist profession…...well you will not go far.

If you get stuck on a painting…( this happens )..put it aside and start another one.

Only the most successful fine artists are able to support themselves solely through the sale of their works. Most fine artists have at least one other job to support their art careers.

Self-employed artists can set their own hours. They may spend much time and effort selling their artwork to potential customers or clients and building a reputation.

You have to be serious about the choice you made.

No one will take you seriously if you do 10 paintings a year.

Another thing that bugs me

….why ask for suggestions as how to finish your painting half way your painting is done..???

If it was in your head…why ask..just do it.

The more you ask around……….the more you will get different suggestions.

When you paint………. be willing to think over any good advice but ……..there is a danger that you may drift from your artistic course and loose the freshness of your idea. Be confident….. yet relaxed and use whatever technique in order that your inner artistic spirit is in control.

Do as you ‘’feel’’ it….it is part of you…right !!?? …and not every Tom, Dick and Hairy’s way of seeing. YOUR art.

And no it’s not directed to anyone… is just my inner thoughts this morning.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A touch of abstract realism

10 x 30 inches.......on a Gallery Canvas.

Abstract Realism.
My goal in creating this close-up focus on form and movement is to entice the viewer to search for the simple beauty in the details of natural features that otherwise may be passed by unnoticed and unappreciated.

I will be doing more of theses..not only with flowers..but all nature around us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunset kitty..:)

Something easy this week..although I did start another one......but something is wrong with either the cam battery.or the cam battery holder.
BF....will be back tonight so I will have him look at it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Turning a page

Well.....someone reported me on twitter ? both my accounts for inappropriate activity ?.......heh?

This is crazy..why ?
Anyways they will tell me ( I hope ) the IP of this person.
I decided to also close my facebook account.........befour something like this happens again.
I guess the more public you go.........the more you open doors to weirdos..and nut cases..

Anyways.* sigh*

Here is what I am doing this week.
18 x 24
I will let you imagine what the background is.....;-)

And the other the next painting for Akonye Kena .
They can not print another painting till the prints of my painting '' the Eyes Of The Future '' get low in stock.
So this one gives me time to paint it.
I thought it reminded me of Hope for Tomorrow....... :)

see you later this week..........!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

something very different in style

I need a title for this one......
48 x 72 inches.
that's 4 x 6 feet.....almost a sheet of dry wall.

I did this using only a 2 inch normal house brush. ( except for the spots. )
I wanted something colorful....and with movement and speed..... for my empty wall.

The face is totally off.........there are no whiskers..but I wanted a simple naive look..

I know it is totally different in style of what I do...but this was a hoot to do....
No waiting for the paint to cleaning up my airbrush after each change of colors....yay!
Total freedom !

And..I will have something on my wall. :)
Oh this is a king cheetah........very rare cheetah.maybe 20 only in the world.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not my day but........

I did my first water color while waiting for the courier to pick up the prints to be sent off to the Foundation.,s my first..don't laugh. :)

Nothing complicated..I was just trying out some water colors I bought a LONG while back.......and needed to occupy my mind.

I think I will accept the offer of one of my friends..and take her watercolor lessons......This fall.
It could be fun.
It's not messy.....takes a minimum of space..very inexpensive to do..and fast!
I did the small painting in 5 minutes.
I do not like the tooth on this paper though....I will look into some sample papers when I will go to my art supplier.

the site is up & Running !

They are available as of now !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

signing the Prints !!!!

There will be always a sense of excitement and pride when opening a box full of the reproduction of one of your paintings.
The printer did an awesome job on the prints.
Every small details came through.
You can even see the texture of the canvas..........the colors are perfect.....its like having the painting right before your eyes. !
These prints are the same size as the original painting......16 x 20 .

There are 50 artist proofs..and 200 LTD. prints ( theses are all signed and numbered )

if you would like one....and help ......... & fund a good cause go to the Kennair Foundation.
They will be on sale at their web site within 10 days..or before.
All the money will be going to a project at The foundation.

I so proud to have painted '' The eyes of The Future '' for them.
My wee bit of talent will surly change the life of a future child ....this is priceless.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Test Of Patience

Some days it just doesn't work out.

I was waiting all day yesterday for the prints for the Kennair Foundation .
They didn't come ?
I called the shipping around 4 pm......but it was no use arguing with them...telling them I was at home all day.
Seems the delivery guy didn't want to go to the second floor with the packages ?( total of 84 pounds )
Yes paper is heavy !!

I am also waiting on a pret-a-photo to do 25 prints for the wildcat sanctuary.
That didn't come in also.
I hope it was not lost in the costed me a bundle....and I can not take anymore photos, as I do not have the painting anymore.
Also if I don't get them printed I will louse my deposit.

I favored the deposit for the prints to my internet bill........that is why I was off line.
* sigh*

I finished my zebra head painting Thursday morning.
I didn't start another I was waiting for the Prints yesterday...and I was scheduled to sign them the rest of the day and evening.
So this morning...I will look through my blank canvases to see what I can start.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

another Zebra ?..oh

I was off line for 6 days.....
My house is very.very clean !
This made me think that I am dependent of internet....banking...emails..contacting friends....research.......

This week....yes....I know....another Zebra.
24 x 30 inches.

It is not finished...the nose, ears..highlights are still need to be done.

Will be finished maybe tomorrow afternoon.....if all goes well
Maybe on my balcony.........if the weather permits, and it is not too windy. :)

I had to cancel an appointment this afternoon at my friends printing store.
I wanted to have 25 prints be made out for a donation for the Wildcat Sanctuary.
I postponed it for next Monday.

Talking about Prints..........I will have the Prints for the Kennair Foundation.
I will be signing them this weekend if They arrive Friday.
I can hardly wait to see them !
I hope they will all sell !!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love it when...............

........I sneak back into my studio after a painting session and actually like the painting that is sitting on my easel.

I love it when......... I know I am going to be doing art for the rest of my matter what no one can take that away...

.......everything is organized and clean, the cats are taken care of, the music is on, the sun is out, it's still only 7:00AM, and I am just getting ready to paint. Oh, and with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand.

I love it when....... I sit down to paint and everything works and the painting just comes to life.

Monday, August 3, 2009

another one finished.... :)

No title yet.
I can NOT get a good shot of this one...........
( click the photo for a larger view )
I don,t know if there are too much details...or I can not adjust my cam settings.
The reflections in the eye come up weird on the screen.
In person is is very nice !
I do not want to fool around touching it up in photoshop either...

Now.....I have 2 or 3 in my mind..all there is to do is pick one out :-D

Off to do some sketching................