Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birds :)

I have been painting small canvas for the preparation of the Grouped Exposition the 8th of December. We will be 8 Artists in all.
The one I uploaded is called '' Colocs de Limoilou. ''

I am already sketching out my next one..A giraffe.....I have a 12 x 24 canvas left over..and a larger one....I will see which one I will take. The '' space '' I have for the exposition is I will be very limited as to what will be hung up.

About the painting above.....

I live just beside a Church......and there are a lot of Crows in the bell tower. I have always wanted to paint them. The balcony ramp is mine.( the building was built in the 1940's , and there was a Skate factory here.and the contractors recuperated the ''scraps '' of the blades to use as ornaments for the apartment buildings where I live)...I sort of sketched my view of what I see at 4-5 am.but can not get on cam.