Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bengal painting coming along

Sorry the background is sort of dark....I took the photo last night.
This morning..I taped up the dried background and the eyes..and worked on the '' under-painting '' of the Bengal.
There is still a lot of the inside of the ears...and then..the by one.
I will post when it is almost finished.......or maybe finished :)
Have a great day !

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

painting for a special lady

Above is my Reference photo. I am doing this custom portrait for a special Lady. I will call her Inka 's Angel, as she wishes to be anonymous, as well as this beautiful Bengal 's name.

Last January Inka needed some emergency tests done..and in order to help to get some funds , I offered a custom portrait as a thank you gift ( random prize ) to those that helped..on a Bengal forum..that I wish also to keep anonymous.
The outcome is not what I wished for...Inka died the 10th of Feb...from a rare pathology.

I know it did take me some time to start this..but Inka's death sort of put me in a different world. As if......... life stood still..I was numb.... disconnected from reality.
I knew starting this painting ...would be hard emotionally.I was not ready yet. PC crashed.taking 3 years of files......and photos with it.
It took me almost 2 weeks to set my PC back in working order.

This morning...I was up at 3 am.and did the sketch on the 24 x 24 inch canvas.
I am ready.
This is the LAST canvas I have. I will put all my heart into this......and with the help of Inka watching over me..I do hope Inka's Angel will be happy with this painting.