Sunday, February 28, 2010

too much time on my hands.

I have a medium sized canvas left.....and limited paints ( colors )
So I think I will paint this week......with the colors I have in my studio.

I was hoping to start the ''raven ''.....but I am missing paints ( back & purple )
I could do some get those colors, but with airbrush paints it is harder, and I need to keep '' some '' colors on hand.

I did about 3 hours of computer cutting, gluing , drawing multipule subjects , and I came up with this.
I feel like going underwater for once.......there is a calming feeling in the ocean.

I chose the Nautilus (from Greek ναυτίλος, 'sailor') Having survived relatively unchanged for millions of years, and are often considered "living fossils."

The second subject in the painting will be a shipwreck. ( background )
This louses us in time.........two things from the past..and still present now.

I will post the ''canvas '' steps by steps this week, so keep an eye on my blog. :)

Have a good week everyone !

Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I paint………where does the passion come from ?

Why I paint………where does the passion come from ?

Why do I sometimes give away my passion?

I think all artists have root causes and inspirations.
Mine is quiet simple.

As a child, a military family raised me.
We moved around a lot.
Some times less than a year in one city, on the Base.Then we packed up…and moved again.
I can honestly say I had about 25 ‘’ home towns “ when I was young.

Friends were hard to get, as all of the Military children, we became close, then……it was time to say goodbye to our new friend.
A sentiment of abandonment was always present.
( Mine was even bigger, as I was adopted……… and this sentiment will with me forever.)
The loss of a friend or friends as a child is always heart wrenching.

So as we moved to a new location…… I drew & painted .
This was my only friend for the first month or so.
I isolated myself from further hurtful losses…… I was protecting myself from further heartbreaks.
The only other companions were animals…and Nature.
If there was a wood, park.or any inhabited area,,,,you can be sure I was there. Nature was always a comfort to me. I knew it would always be there for me.
I ran away to those parts….and I was a constant source of worry to my parents.

I was always a very social person…so when school started….I made friends.
My art seemed to attract people.
I gave all my art away when I was young.
To me it was like a part of me stayed with the new-lost friend when my Father got transferred to another Military base, and new city..
No matter how I loved those little paintings or sketches….I knew part of ME would stay in their hearts.

I have lost touch with maybe 100 ‘’best ‘’ friends in my childhood.
100 times my heart was broken…..the sentiment of abandonment was almost unbearable at this time in my live.

Art has always put a healing balm on my heart..and I continue to share…….as if I want part of me in someone’s heart.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Give-away !

I am always happy to do this....maybe this will be a ''monthly '' event for me to do.
For the second month...I chose to use the list in my FaceBook friends.
The painting is called '' reaching out ''
12 x 36 inches and ready to hang.
A COA will be given along to the winner.
It is worth $ 525

I have 78 of them now..not a big list..but filled with loving people...that I wish to share a smile and a bit of joy with them.
Valentines day is perfect for this drawing.
Middle of February..where most of us get the ''winter '' blues.

I am lucky....I love I never get those............ :)

Good luck to my FB friends !

If all goes well........I will be painting soon.
March..........ummmmmmm...first week ...yes !

And now a bit of self promotion..........
I still have some post cards...
This will help me buy some art supplies.......( mostly air brush nozzles...they sell at 18 $ each...and last about 3 paintings.......oh.and the frisket.....that is about 60 $ a roll .......and lasts about 4 paintings, depending on the size )

Here is the link for the post cards.

See you the 14th...........someone is going to get a painting ! :-D