Saturday, May 31, 2008

back to square one ?

well...after finishing my physio the 13th Mai, it seems my hip is not better.
The pain was gradually coming back, and I didn't think it was going to increase.
I finally called my physio yesterday, and asked for some informations.
He told me I maybe left too early, and the ''type'' of injury I had is very long to heal., and he was surprised that I was ok within 2 months.
I can not walk ,even in the house without limping with pain.
The pain wakes me up at night, as I can not move, so I sleep on the couch to not disturb my BF.

I will see how it will evolve this weekend, and if it is not better...than I have to consult.
( crossing fingers hopping it's just a minor setback ) I really do not want to sit at the emergency room for 12 hours ! I just hope this heals fast....and that it is not permanent.

I did not have time to paint this week..I was job hunting.and had 6 interviews.( trying to hide my painful limp )
Maybe this was a waste of time....considering my hip is in pain.and that maybe I will have to heal another month or two. :(

I have another job interview for an art Gallery ( my 3rd one ) Tuesday.

It's right in my field, as they ask for website work, MS office, and Accoumba.
Also doing some framing work, selling, and of course English & french......oh and interested in art !

The job is scheduled to start the 18th of June. Lets hope my hip gets better by then, I really want this job !! is the most beautiful part of Old Quebec City, the Old Port.
I need to see people..LOTS of people....I have been almost home-bound since Jan 23rd.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

painting sold ! yay !


I finaly sold a painting at almost the evaluation price.

I went to delever it Saturday.

Wow.....what a nice house the Lady has ( the byer )'s still under construction, but it will be aesome when finished.
She likes my art..and wants to buy some more in the near futur. :)...yay

I had done this painting for me...but finally decided to sell it. 30 x 60 inches. A good size to fill a spot on a wall.This time I didn't use my airbrush to paint this. All brush :)

The cats where trying to get to it..and sonner or later would be clawing and swinging off the canvas :(
I have a job try-out tomorrow morning at 8 am.
I hope this works out...its for 3 to 4 days a week, just what I need.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

music upload...:)

Hope you like it..... :)
This blog is so quiet..I was thinking of uploading a cricket

lol.....anyways......I found the mp3 on the some contemporary African music site.
It's called the ''Blessing''.
It works on IE......but not sure on Firefox. :(...pug ins ?

I did a couple of ''deco'' paintings for my new Etsy Shop : crazyforfur.
At least it has been looked at ! lol
I am still job hunting...and my stress has gone down a lot.About time...I guess I can overcome anything if I overcame all that happened to me.

I have a lot of ideas..for paintings, and I received a Buddha head.( photo )..from a friend that I met on ebay.
She graciously sent it to me......
As soon as it is done.....and to my taste..I will post it here....and on Esty and give my friend the ''full '' credits.

Spring has finally come......and yesterday we had a beautiful day !
I even got a mini sunburn......:) yay !
I tried walking Inka.....but he outgrew his halter..and was growling.....( cat swearing I guess ) all the I took him back in.
I will have to buy another halter form him.and hope he will behave next time.
( in my )

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I am so stressed ! much for airbrushing. : (
My compressor died again * groan *
BF..says he will fix it this weekend.
I am living so much stress it isn't funny anymore.

Problems with my work accent, my x-boss who is harassing me ( by lying, depriving me from my insurances ) , my upstairs neighbours who aren't expelled yet.( who are depriving me of sleep doing parties at all hours)
This time shit really hit the fan.

At least my cat Inka...was not as sick as the vet thought ! pheww

I know is it discouraging reading this..but to live it..believe me it is worst.
I guess this year's uphill climb will be harder than I thought.
I just hope for better days , and to recontact my friends that I excluded in order to not bother them with my problems.

I tend to isolate myself instead of sharing my problems.I always did this, and I don't think I will change .