Wednesday, July 29, 2009

after the rains...........

Title of the 12 x 36 inch painting finished this morning.

I like this one also.....simple clean, and warm.
While painting made me think of the rain season..and the bounty of grasses for the Zebras, Gnus..and other ruminants that wonder the African steps.

Onother painting for tomorrow.
Another 12 x 36 inch canvas.
This time a Giraffe eating an acacia tree...
Same frame of mind....bounty after the dry season....... :)
Have a good week !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 zebras........a smaller canvas

I will be starting a 10 x 30 inch..or 12 x 36 inch painting......
A bit smaller than the 9 Zebras. ( about 1/3 rd the size )
I don't know if I will stick to the colors I sketched out..or give it more of a sunset feel.
I will see how things goes.
I will try to do 2 paintings this they will be smaller., and the airbrushing is going very well. :)
My only the paint colors I have left.
I used up most of them..and at $15 a bottle...I do not have the money right now.
Even If I mix them up...I am very limited.
So...Zebras will be on canvas for a while .

I also when back to Wet Canvas.....a web site & forum for artists.
I have been a member since 2002..and in the last 2 years I sort of forgot about it.
I also have the impression of my non-artists friends are sort of fed up of my constant art subject.
So this is a good place to talk art...share....and the to see other artists work....and leave my friends alone....with all my ''art ''talk.

Friday, July 24, 2009

9 zebras at sunset....finished !

Well this was fun....and full of confusing details !

24 x 48 inches.
The first photo is the under painting.......the first step.

And finished !
I the colors ..............look at all those juicy bits of color!" I think color is powerful when applied like that.
It's not all black & white.......but dashes of subtle colors...make the whites and black pop out even more.

I think I will be doing one or two more zebras.....and play around with the colors like this :)
Too bad the colors do not show up as in the real is stunning...


Friday, July 17, 2009

black & white 2

Today I am giving the final touches to the ''Guardian ''

I am starting a 24 x 48 inch painting tomorrow.
Zebras again...:)
I am getting low on paints...and have an overstock....of black & white paints.
These Zebras will be not only black & white...but covered in sunset reflections.

I am still waiting for the final sale of my last Zebra painting.
....come to think of has no title ?

Along for the ride ?
Hitching a ride ?

I also sketched out the'' remarque'' 1 month ago.... that will be on the certificate of authenticity for the painting I donated for the Kennair Educational I thought I could show it to you ( it's the girl in the medallion )
There will be a total of 50 signed artists proof.... with this remark on it.
It is sort of an '' old world touch '' .....:)

here is what a remarque is :

remarque - In printmaking, most often in etchings, a sketch originally made by the artist on the margin of his plate to test his tools, often to test the degree of the mordant's biting before immersing the entire plate in the acid bath. Because such remarques were originally intended to be scraped or burnished away before the final edition of the plate is printed, a print with a remarque is often called a remarque proof. In the nineteenth century such remarques came to be so valued that they were often retained as part of the finished print. The subjects of these little drawings typically relate in some way to the larger image. The practice greatly fell out of use in the twentieth century.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

taking time to regain my '' inner '' balance.

Well..I took a couple of days off painting.....suggestion of my boyfriend.
I went fly fishing.......:)......another passion I have.
Complete serenity......sitting on a small boat on a lake...somewhere up north of Quebec.....lost in nature.
My batteries are full......and I am ready to throw some paint around again...and fresh trout to eat. :)

Painting 6 - 7 days a week was maybe a wee bit too much after such a long time.
Although...I have been drawing and sketching most of my life for anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours a day...I do / did not not paint every day.

Drawing / Sketching is it stimulates your imagination..anything they are your thoughts.

Painting can be stressful..or draws out all energy .
Painting can be relaxing...and very rewarding.
We have to keep a ''healthy balance ''...................I had started to louse this, so time for a short break.

I am going to ''refine '' the Guardian is missing a ''small '' something....after all this is why my goal is......4 months of not working ( a paying job )..and just paint.

Here is a blog of another artist I found this refreshing.....Something I know......but for those who forgot.....

I already have 2 or 3 ideas for some new paintings...
So my Boy friend was was time to clear my mind.and just let it flow.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Guardian........... :)

I finished it it early this morning.
I decided to add seemed a bit too bare for my taste.

30 x 30 inches.

I called it the Guardian.

Thank you for following my work. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

in progress :)

For those interested........
here is the beginning of my latest painting.
On the right side lower where the tiger will be.
It is way to dark for now....but I will lighen it with some transparent beige.......and Grey-white.

I decide on a 30 x 30 inch canvas this time.
I cropped of part of the tiger.
It dosn't look like much as of lots of details to come.
I will post once finished.


A pricing Question

I have been offered to expose.....
Well I guess after putting it off and declining offers for so long, I thought I might try it.
Lack of confidence...yes that is part of it.
But most important was the pricing.

I sell at a ''certain'' price.........the Art Galleries blow up by 50 %

I was..and still am confused about this.

Below is a very good blog written by :
Clint Watson

A Pricing Question

by Clint Watson on 12/12/2006 4:49:52 PM

I agree, prices should be listed on an artist's site and I do list mine, but I wonder how other artists handle this problem. On your site you have an 18x24 listed at $1,000, now that piece has been accepted into a show that takes a 40% commission, & shipping is your responsibility. Your work is now priced at the exhibition for $1,700 but prospective buyers at the show could buy it from your website for $1,000, why would they pay $1,700 at the show??? How do other artists handle this?

I would like to adress a few things here. I'm not sure what painting specifically to which the reader refers. As I am not personally a painter, it is not one of my pieces. However, I see some issues here. I'm not sure why the painting would be marked up 70% to go to a show, but that is unacceptable. Shipping is not $700. The painting should be the essentially the same price at the show and on the individual artist web site. In other words, if you deal with shows or galleries, your retail prices should always account for the gallery commission.

Let me say this again to be clear:
Your prices should be essentially the same wherever your work is sold.

Now I understand that there is sometimes a transition period from an artist who has been selling everything directly and is now selling in galleries or shows. But once you reach a professional point of selling in galleries, the prices of the work will need to reflect that. You will need to get through that transition point as quickly as possible. Pricing work on a web site that undercuts your gallery pricing is a bad idea.

Think about it this way. You make 60% of the price for creating the work. The gallery (or show) makes 40% of the price for selling the work. If you sell the work from your own web site then you deserve both the 60% and the 40%. But the price the customer pays is still 100% - exactly as if he had bought it in the gallery.

Here's another thought. Put yourself in a customer's shoes. Let's say an art collector falls in love with your artwork and buys a piece from a gallery. Now the customer visits your web site and finds out that everyone else pays 40% less than he did. He'll feel like a fool and it will make him wonder if your work is really worth anything at all.

Just some of my thoughts on pricing.


Clint Watson
Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic

link to this blog :

Very good read isn't it ?

The problem....( well not really a problem )
Is that They sell before I have enough to have a decent show.

I do not want to go solo for now......I need more experience and maturity in my art.
Even though I have local clients.........that were just waiting for me to throw paint at canvases again.....I am sure they want to by from me....and not give a % to an art gallery.

Anther side I saw ( this week ) that a brought down a price for one of my paintings....( needed to pay bills )
.....and got the '' why so low....isn't it good '' answer.
A lesson learnt...stick to your prices.

I remember the first I sold on ebay.........YES ebay..*sigh*
55$.......for a painting that was worth....around 600.00
Plus..........I payed for I was at loss.
3 days of work...canvas....paints....and had to pay shipping.

So.......I literally paid to sell it.
A loss of a bit over 500.00 $
But.......the customer was happy.

I am waiting from 2 is for the Zebras ( finished this week.....)
The other is for the Tiger head......

I gave them my price....closed my eyes....and now I am waiting. I am not bring down my prices...well maybe a 100 $ but not more. ( see...I am doing it )

That time is finished....

So for those who were lucky enough to get my paintings a a low price.....I am glad for you.
For those who asked me to paint for them...and found the ( low ) price to high..well that is sad.
You had the opportunity to have someone to express what you wanted....take time........and passion to do it..and didn't respect the artist.

Others do not even bat en eye at the price....they respect the work of the artist.

Sounds harch ?
Not really..think about it..
Lets say you work ( office work ) 30 your gas..your paper..your computer time...feed over time...ship your product.....etc.....
and then get a big $100 or maybe $ 200 for your work ?

.....well ?

.........I though so....
So why me...... as an artist should I be underpaid ?

I am not asking for tens of thousands for my paintings...just something I can live by...and buy art get a better quality of work in time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

another compostion.......

I was not sure as to what to do next.....
I had in my mind...a Buddha head.
A beautiful photo an internet friend had graciously sent to me as a reference..... for a future painting.
Last November...I lost it when my hard drive crashed :(

I still have an inspiring drive to paint stone head sculptures.
I did this composition last night.....after cutting out..gluing.and cropping.this is what I came up with
stone sculpture...and a tiger.

This is only my reference will probably be cropped and altered.....but....up to now I like the feel of it.
The size ?
I don't know yet....I still have an inventory of about 15 large canvases..and maybe 8 medium ones.

I can not believe my eyes this morning...we have SUN !
After having a bit over 13 days of rain......this is more than welcomed !
Even the cats are excited....... :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

zebras......finished ! :)

Honestly..........I love this one.....simple.....colorful.....and bold !

I did a non stop of ( almost ) 20 hours.


Total.......6 zebras.and two ox peckers.
I did the green zebras as if they were leaves.....but still present.

90 % air brushed.....

Starting another one tomorrow,,,,:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

all black & white much for posting in facebook I was going NOT to do anything....??

Last night I sketched this out......on a 40 x 24 inch canvas.
It was just staring at me..all morning......
I should of hid the
It is very confusing painting multiple zebras.
I had to make some marks for the black stripes.

There are going to be 2 birds in the painting......I will let you guess where.........;-)
I will try something new for the background..if it could be interesting :)
I will also spare you the step by step...........and will post once finished.

Wednesday?..or Thursday.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

finished Painting !......... :)

It's done....phewwwww

Finished at 11:00 AM this morning.
Not varnished so I can't get a good photo.

( look at the last photo for details )

Well this one was a challenge. !!
very 1/4 inch and less scale has 3 t0 4 colors in each.
It took about 14 hours just to do the Gila ( lizard )
I added some grasses.......something was just too bare..and it needed a central focus.
I am proud of it......too bad the photo is not that good.

Now I am starting a Zebra Tomorrow.
Something easier...........well less complicated.

Have a happy Sunday.......:)

Friday, July 3, 2009

another day of the ''dream'' painting

Well I got up at 4 :30 am...and went straight to paint.
Made coffee later....around 5;30.
I think it is coming along.....

The lizard is going to be something else to had not thought of all the rounded scales details !

The skull still needs intensive details also....

I would say in all...another 30 hours or so. ( 3 days ? )

Somehow I am not scared to show the progress of my paintings.
Some artists hide them till they are all done...but not me :)

Taking a 2 or 3 hour break........and back at it this afternoon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

so good ?

I don't know whats wrong with me this week...I feel lonely...and sort of empty.
Maybe post painting blues ?
I have heard of it real...?.......maybe....

Here is what I am stuck on.....3 days of sitting down........starring...and starring at it......and I cant seem to do it.
Maybe tomorrow.........
There is a do on it.
The sky has to be darkened....( more deep blues )
My sand ...well......a bit more light brown.

I think I now what it is.....

Ever read a book..and then the ''film '' comes out ?
Your sure to be disappointed at the film.
Our imagination is way better.....
In my case....... it's the same thing...I dreamed of this.......and now its hard to put this on canvas.

* sigh*

I still have a backup painting..just in case..maybe starting the zebra will encourage me. :)