Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ok.....have to get this out.

I always felt different in my life...
Somehow I knew things or anticipated them before happening.
I am not saying I an a medium.or something like that..lol

Something jump-started my brain..2 months ago.....along the new job.
Problem solving.
Research and development technician.
It was just too easy doing this job.......I started wondering why?

I surprised myself in this job....and the BOSS too...and I started to wonder what the teachers at school ( long time ago ) told my parents....... ''gifted child ''

I took the MENSA test...and was accepted.
Just limit....but 141 is OK.

One Mensian told me this :

Because I am smart, I will feel hurt deeper, sense danger quicker when others are oblivious, and find myself thinking differently to the rest. He also said that I will discover simple joys quicker, live truer and enjoy the gifts of life in ways that others blithely may not.

He hit this on the nail.......
Intelligence isn't limited to our IQ. But to have this ability to learn quickly along with the enthusiasm to apply what one has learned, however small, is a driving force in growth of intellect, I believe.

now I know..once I learn something....why I get easily bored with it after.
Some things I find just too easy at first try...I guess I know why now.
I am constantly searching to outdo myself....in live..art...work....

Relationships were a bit different. In a situation so close and intimate, I knew I wanted a partner who could laugh with me while watching a silly movie, or share my excitement over the nature of what "is" or "is not," etc. My BF and I are our own worst devil's advocates - and it IS fun.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

such a Kluts !!!!!

Was invited to supper Saturady night.
Had fun..but fell down the stairs....hit my head on the door frame.
I lost all memory before and how this happened till the next morning ( Sunday )
I had blurry vision..so I had to consult.
I got released last night at 6:30 pm...from the emergency room.
Passed a taco, and an EEC.
I have a concussion.
My vision is ok now.....phewwww

I will see how it goes at work this morning..*sigh*

Saturday, November 1, 2008

WOW.....I have not posted for a while.
I started a new job on Sept. 8th., so it has kept me busy.
Now, I have Fridays off..... :).......so I will be starting some new paintings.
And also finishing the ones I started * blush*

I had started a dyptique of calla lilies...time to finish them.
2 times 30 x 30 inches.

My future ( this month ) project is a 72 x 48 painting of a tiger at a Cambodian temple. Angkor Wat.
The temple is the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture.
Including a tiger....I thought it would bring life to the ancient stones.and a sign of preservation of the much endangered tigers.

Can not wait to start it !