Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sneak preview

Here is what my 4 x 6 foot painting looked like when I started.

I shot the back of my easel just so you can a good idea of the size.
My '' giant'' studio easel looks small with that canvas on it..lol
My easel can stretch up to 84 inches..( 7 feet ).....so this fitted perfect.

I did the sketch on the canvas by the widow of part of my living room.
The canvas is now in my studio.....safe and sound from the cats...lol

brushing the dust off this one.......

I am still painting my 4 x 6 foot canvas, but to take a break........I decided to finish this one.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

almost Christmas

Its 11 am.Dec 24 th...and I am not into the spirit of Christmas this year.
I just want to be alone.....and somehow I am lonely.
I think I will not be posting ( or even reading ) for a while on my regular forums....anyways no one cares...I feel like a ghost.
Maybe it's me.......I don't know....and I don't feel like analyzing the situation at this time.
So tonight it will Tv time..or painting time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

strarting a new painting !

Well I finally got to start the ''big '' painting I wanted to do....2 years ago...sheshhhh
4 feet x 6 feet.....

BF is home for the holidays....so he can watch the cats when I go in and out of my studio.
I know.....I know....your thinking what the cats have to do with me not painting.....lol.
Well all my paints and canvas..and paint brushes are there....a playground for them. As soon as I open the door....they both rush in.....and can I tell you they have a ball making a mess....I can only take one out at a time....then when I try to get the other one out...the other one rushes back in...and this goes on till I give up..and shut the door* groan *.........The last time.......Inka chewed my airbrush hose....It took me 2 weeks to get a replacement....

Oh.about cats...

Inka ( one of my cats ) had a very bad flare up of herpes 3 weeks ago....I almost lost him to an upper respiratory infection. he is fine now, and we are still treating him with Zithromax .
The worst now, is feline herpes attacks the eyes....and Inka already had an eye problem ( he almost lost an eye 18 months ago )
He has antibiotic eye drops 2 times a day to help combat the virus infection in his eyes.
( crossing my fingers for the outcome )