Monday, July 26, 2010

Another step

Well.....after one week of reflecting.on where I was going artistically.....I decided to get back to my paints, brushes..and air brush.

Although I do not have the funds to support myself right now....I still have some paints..and 3-4 free my mind..and occupy myself.

I am in more fear to louse my creativity...than to paint something that is less to my expectation.
I am also scared my new work will look like more than primitive rehashes of what I was doing when I stopped.

So I will continue creating art no matter how difficult the process becomes.
I will persevere, work throughout the though times. and I am sure I will be glad I did it !

''Art is your business card ''
It works for you 24 hours a day...and everywhere.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another '' friends list '' giveaway !

The winner will be chosen the 7th August on my friends list on Facebook.
20 x 20 inches.
For my friends that are on can add more chances by buying postcards .
The more you buy..the more chances you will have.
I have 2 new postcards in my collection. :)

you can buy them :

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 new post cards for sale.

I will receive them tomorrow......or Monday . :)

you can order some here :

This ( if I sell some ) will help pay my internet bill.
I have not been working as much as I thought this month.
I made a bit less than 400 $
Half of this went towards the vets bill for Inka.
I am so tired of struggling to get my bills...ect.
Last month my income was less than someone on welfare. ( a bit under 600 $ )
Not whining..but I am discouraged a lot.
If this does not change financially.....I will go to the pawn shop with what is left of my jewelry and my cam.
Along with some things I do not use anymore.

I just need a door so I can put my foot in..and pull it open........
The question is where is the door ?

The shipping is free for the postcards..and you can combine 6 different ones......

Have a good day