Friday, April 23, 2010


I am doing a final sale of the last of my paintings.
Any offer will be seriously taken into consideration.

Sale only in Canada, sorry.
Unless you want to pay extra for the shipping.

Since theses will go at a VERY low price..I can not afford to pay for the shipping also.

Click on the photos for a ''larger ''view.


This called ''a safe landing ''
24 x 40 inches


The one above is 30 x 30 inches....and is painted on a gallery canvas 1 1/2 inch thick


20 x 20 inches

*** sold ***


30 x 60 inches
Koi pond 1


This 12 x 36.........3 Zebras in field

*** sold ***


24 x 48 inches

9 Zebras ( sunset accents )


Filled with passion....24 x 24

Fell free to contact me for more information.......

Thank you !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

very close to home.

Click the news paper page for a larger view.


After seeing a Television program Sunday the 11th Of April....this brought up lots of painful memories.
The program interviews celebrity's.ect...

The man interviewed was Claude Artist.

Claude Robinson is a citizen of Quebec, a creator and an illustrator, who has been fighting alone, for 15 years, against unscrupulous multinationals from the movie and television industry who stole and exploited his work.

you can read more about him & his battle.

one citation that struck me........well lets say 2....


“I was lucky to be born with a talent: drawing and creating. I earned my living by creating. For me, creating is a delight. It’s what’s always defined me. […] Now, I hate my talent. If I hadn’t created my cartoon character, I wouldn’t have had to live what I’ve lived.”

2 : As a creator, you’re responsible for what you’ve created, but you must protect and defend your creation, otherwise you betray your work and yourself.
- Claude Robinson

I have been down-siding to a depression.....
I was wondering why.....
Why ? the past my art was stolen. ( read the newspaper page )
And last December..another time. ( maybe even I found this surfing the web )
A printing and greeting card company was producing illegaly MY art and selling them.!!!

...ok...take them to court ?
I wish I had the strength right now....
All I know is that I want to get rid of my art.
I understand Claude when he says '' I hate my art ....''
It is a strong statement...but somehow it has a truthful side.

I did sell a couple...and if ANY strength comes back...I will gather my courage to bring them to court.

This money was put aside for this reason...for the future.
Citation 2........That was said by Claude......woke me up.
It is true to fight for your artistic integrity......big or small it might be.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Should I give up ?

Despite my dedication I am getting nowhere trying to interest any provincial gallery, let alone a Quebec City one.
I am spending a LOT on promotions, exposure, and in vain.
Most of my part-time hard job money goes to this..leaving me with almost nothing for art supplies.......and let alone any luxury.
I do sell a few things, mainly through friends, and to new customers, ( on the web ) but not in a consistent way.
In the last month, I had 4 people interested ( and I mean REALLY interested ) in buying some art.
They all backed out, leaving me heart broken almost seeing the money fly away.
Am I really a bad painter and should I give up?

I was told by 4 Art Galleries, animal art does not sell in Quebec ( the whole Provence )....unless I had a solid art formation.
Being self-taught , and having almost nothing on an art resumé, does not help.
4 or 5 years ago...I did apply to University Laval, ( art degree courses ).....I was accepted..but I didn't realize just how much money this would cost.
I do call every year or so, just to find out if I am still a worthy candidate student.
I am.
So frustrating not to have the funds.

This week I will call a Government organisation to see if they will help me out.
I had a bad work accident back in 1999.....and I have a compensation for this ( handicap ) till I am 65.
The compensation is about the price of my apartment lease. ( at least this gets payed )

I still have the courage to pursue my dream, even though doing really taking out a physical toll on me.
Yes....... I was one of the first ladies in Quebec City doing this hard trade.

This may sound cruel and simplistic, but to get a decent ride on the train of joy, many artists need to spend more time shovelling coal.
Am I part of theses ? seems so.

Maybe they ( Government ) can help me recycle to being a full time artist ?
I think I have the talent....or do I?

'Never give up' in the words of Winston Churchill are very important words that motivate and keep a body and soul together. It is hard these days to be an artist.

Failing is not a disgrace.
................or is it ?