Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi everyone....... ! :)
I came back to get some contacts and addresses I needed.
Instead of going back & forth.....I stayed.

I have been working 3 days a week now...and changed job in my ''old '' trade...upholstering.
It is hard on my body....but I am grateful to have some money coming in.
It isn't a lot...but I will survive.
At least there is some creativity involved :)

I can not buy any art supplies for might go till March.......but I will wait.
This is really depressing me a I have a mind-full of ideas.

That's life.................

I postponed the lawsuit towards ''mer & monde '' till the 15th of Feb.
I am reading the IP Laws of Canada ( Intellectual Property laws ) first to be ready.
I can not believe they think a contract can be changed without notification....6 years ?
At least they took off my art on their Web site.....yay !

Oh...and get this.......they say they owe me $ 15.00 in royalties.
Even the Judge will laugh this one out.............6 years of selling my art?

Anyways.......I am happy........but a bit depressed......people flee I am not my ''normal '' optimistic self.
But I am the same person inside....((( hugs ))))

I still think this will be my year........too many emotions..and life's ups & downs will make me Artistically better.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just sharing a couple of stats with you...and I wish to thank you all !

website results :

Estimated number of visits for
394 visits per week..only for Canada.

list of countries :
drill down39478.80%CanadaCanada
drill down7314.60%United StatesUnited States
drill down81.60%United KingdomUnited Kingdom
drill down40.80%GermanyGermany
drill down30.60%AustraliaAustralia
drill down20.40%New ZealandNew Zealand
drill down20.40%Iran, Islamic Republic OfIran, Islamic Republic Of
drill down20.40%IsraelIsrael
drill down10.20%IndonesiaIndonesia
drill down10.20%Syrian Arab RepublicSyrian Arab Republic
drill down10.20%FranceFrance
drill down10.20%EuropeEurope
drill down10.20%FinlandFinland
drill down10.20%TurkeyTurkey
drill down10.20%SwedenSweden
drill down10.20%TogoTogo
drill down10.20%ItalyItaly
drill down10.20%IcelandIceland
drill down10.20%ChinaChina
drill down10.20%Peru


My blog is a little slower.....:)
But I am very happy with the people coming here to share a small part of my world.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A bit of change :)

For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, take note I left.
Maybe for a couple of months, and I do not know if I will go back.

Facebook was too time consuming to me, and with a part time job, all the free time I had left
( instead of painting ) was taken up there.

I do miss the people though. Some are online friends that I have had for over 6 + years.
That is the sad part of it, but I am doing this for me.
For those reading this, you can always email me or leave a comment.
I miss you !

Now I have to use this time to paint, and create new ideas for a dream of mine.
An art gallery !

Have a good day everyone ! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

finally found a good looking bird :)

I spent most of my Christmas looking.and looking......for this bird.

I have been longing to paint one for years.. ( 5 years actually )
I love ravens......they have been a part of my past...and are constantly around me.
Did you know..if you raise one.....they can learn to talk ?
They are intelligent birds....and flooded with awesome colors........of purple....blues..greens.

There is a large family that nests in our Church tower........and they fill the air with their sounds....and beauty.

I had done a lot of sketches. ( taken from some photos I took ) but nothing seemed to satisfy me...there was always missing the '' WOW FACTOR '' to honor the ravens.

This one is what I wanted.....he or telling the world......I am here !!!

I took the photo of the Aurore Boreale that was shot last July on my fishing trip..and added it as the background.

This will be my next painting.......
If time gives me a bit of louse......I will draw this out on canvas this weekend..and start.............:)

Friday, January 1, 2010

This one is for me......! :)

This will be MY year !

Although I will be off line more......keeping more to myself...( Except for sharing my art )..things will move.
I tend to share to much of my personal life.This will change....and it is maybe a good thing as I think I give out bad impressions.

I do NOT thrive on drama...nor negativity.....( sheshh tell me who does ? )
I want a calm and stable
I will not be laughed at..and pushed around and being taken for advantage anymore !
I will learn to say NO.

I want a life...Filled with creation, quality friendships, and lets be on my table every day.

The things that has happened in the past HAS made me stronger.

I will be more aggressive ( nicely )..and assertive.

I will work harder to obtain the '' art '' goal I have fixed.....and filled myself with.

Although this year will be filled with judicial battles..I will hold my end.......for once ..and not settle with some crumbs thrown at me !

I will be more confident in myself and my work....and show it !
I will promote my work more locally.....and I will NOT be stepped on by other artists.
I will not be embarrassed when I get a complement...and welcome it with a smile.
I will say to people........ '' I am an ARTIST ''

THIS WILL be my year.