Saturday, August 22, 2009

something very different in style

I need a title for this one......
48 x 72 inches.
that's 4 x 6 feet.....almost a sheet of dry wall.

I did this using only a 2 inch normal house brush. ( except for the spots. )
I wanted something colorful....and with movement and speed..... for my empty wall.

The face is totally off.........there are no whiskers..but I wanted a simple naive look..

I know it is totally different in style of what I do...but this was a hoot to do....
No waiting for the paint to cleaning up my airbrush after each change of colors....yay!
Total freedom !

And..I will have something on my wall. :)
Oh this is a king cheetah........very rare cheetah.maybe 20 only in the world.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not my day but........

I did my first water color while waiting for the courier to pick up the prints to be sent off to the Foundation.,s my first..don't laugh. :)

Nothing complicated..I was just trying out some water colors I bought a LONG while back.......and needed to occupy my mind.

I think I will accept the offer of one of my friends..and take her watercolor lessons......This fall.
It could be fun.
It's not messy.....takes a minimum of space..very inexpensive to do..and fast!
I did the small painting in 5 minutes.
I do not like the tooth on this paper though....I will look into some sample papers when I will go to my art supplier.

the site is up & Running !

They are available as of now !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

signing the Prints !!!!

There will be always a sense of excitement and pride when opening a box full of the reproduction of one of your paintings.
The printer did an awesome job on the prints.
Every small details came through.
You can even see the texture of the canvas..........the colors are perfect.....its like having the painting right before your eyes. !
These prints are the same size as the original painting......16 x 20 .

There are 50 artist proofs..and 200 LTD. prints ( theses are all signed and numbered )

if you would like one....and help ......... & fund a good cause go to the Kennair Foundation.
They will be on sale at their web site within 10 days..or before.
All the money will be going to a project at The foundation.

I so proud to have painted '' The eyes of The Future '' for them.
My wee bit of talent will surly change the life of a future child ....this is priceless.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Test Of Patience

Some days it just doesn't work out.

I was waiting all day yesterday for the prints for the Kennair Foundation .
They didn't come ?
I called the shipping around 4 pm......but it was no use arguing with them...telling them I was at home all day.
Seems the delivery guy didn't want to go to the second floor with the packages ?( total of 84 pounds )
Yes paper is heavy !!

I am also waiting on a pret-a-photo to do 25 prints for the wildcat sanctuary.
That didn't come in also.
I hope it was not lost in the costed me a bundle....and I can not take anymore photos, as I do not have the painting anymore.
Also if I don't get them printed I will louse my deposit.

I favored the deposit for the prints to my internet bill........that is why I was off line.
* sigh*

I finished my zebra head painting Thursday morning.
I didn't start another I was waiting for the Prints yesterday...and I was scheduled to sign them the rest of the day and evening.
So this morning...I will look through my blank canvases to see what I can start.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

another Zebra ?..oh

I was off line for 6 days.....
My house is very.very clean !
This made me think that I am dependent of internet....banking...emails..contacting friends....research.......

This week....yes....I know....another Zebra.
24 x 30 inches.

It is not finished...the nose, ears..highlights are still need to be done.

Will be finished maybe tomorrow afternoon.....if all goes well
Maybe on my balcony.........if the weather permits, and it is not too windy. :)

I had to cancel an appointment this afternoon at my friends printing store.
I wanted to have 25 prints be made out for a donation for the Wildcat Sanctuary.
I postponed it for next Monday.

Talking about Prints..........I will have the Prints for the Kennair Foundation.
I will be signing them this weekend if They arrive Friday.
I can hardly wait to see them !
I hope they will all sell !!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love it when...............

........I sneak back into my studio after a painting session and actually like the painting that is sitting on my easel.

I love it when......... I know I am going to be doing art for the rest of my matter what no one can take that away...

.......everything is organized and clean, the cats are taken care of, the music is on, the sun is out, it's still only 7:00AM, and I am just getting ready to paint. Oh, and with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand.

I love it when....... I sit down to paint and everything works and the painting just comes to life.

Monday, August 3, 2009

another one finished.... :)

No title yet.
I can NOT get a good shot of this one...........
( click the photo for a larger view )
I don,t know if there are too much details...or I can not adjust my cam settings.
The reflections in the eye come up weird on the screen.
In person is is very nice !
I do not want to fool around touching it up in photoshop either...

Now.....I have 2 or 3 in my mind..all there is to do is pick one out :-D

Off to do some sketching................

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a sneak preview

another small 12 x 36 inch painting.........
Here is a preview of the Giraffe. ( cropped image of the painting )
Details of the first steps of the fur painting.
I only did the light back ground as of yet.
There is still the darker colors to add some accents of lighting.
I mostly use oranges or yellows to give warmth
I use a 0 /10 brush for the very short fur.
This will be VERY time consuming.........I am estimating it at another 20 hours ......+ / -

I think Monday this should be finished. :)

Have a good weekend everyone !