Sunday, December 27, 2009

hoping the new year will bring some sunshine !

I sat down last night and sort of made a list of what has happened to me ( good & bad ) the past year.

I have a Jan 19th Appointment with the small claims clerk, to fill for a hearing.( against Mer & Monde ).....another expense and lost time I could life without.

The Japanese restaurant where I exposed my entire ''koi '' collection is closed ??
I tried to call last evening to schedule a pickup of the paintings for the first week of January. ( yes I have a contract )....but it's NOT looking good.* sigh*........As things are going.......I would not be surprised at the worst.

As far as the place I started working for one 1/2 months ago ( and I am still waiting for my pay )....I finally was lucky to get a contact the 24th....and talked to someone.
I admit I lost my cool...and told them to ''stuff '' the job.......oops....yes I know...but NOT paying me...before Christmas....wasn't a '' small '' thing.
I was counting on this for some holiday food, a couple of tubes of paints..part of my upcoming rent...not big expenses..and not luxury.

I am lucky...I had bought and cooked some dishes...2 weeks ago....but I am left with 0$....

I am numb.......I am beyond being mad, disappointed, ......I just feel nothing !

I am wishing.....( somehow ) the new year will bring some sunshine to my life.
I still do NOT understand why this is all happening to me....( the list is so would not believe all )

The best time of the passing year 4 months of painting..full time.
Doing the painting For The Kennair Foundation,
And my 2 small fishing trips.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Interesting week....

Well this week was filled with lots of emotions.
Started a new job. ( NOT at all what I thought it would be ), but I am grateful to work.

Got a call from my gynecologist ( his secretary ) And was asked to go see him ASP..........And it had been over 1 week that they were trying to get a hold of me on the phone.
I have ''abnormal results '' this is all the secretary could tell me.
To make things more interesting....Th Dr. Was off all I could not know more, he will be back on Wednesday the 9th Dec.


I sometimes '' Google '' my see if the search engines catch my ''meta tags ', from my web site.
I stumbled onto MER & MONDE.
I had dealt with this editor back in 2002 -2003.
They was selling cards from some of my paintings...and I was supposed to get a % of the sales.
I never received any % So I asked them if they were really selling them .
They told me that they never sold one....ok.....
I sent them an email and spoke on the phone with them to cancel my contract.
Contract was 2004-2005 ?

2 Years ago I was shopping with a friend.......and she needed some gift cards..
We entered a boutique ( gifts & cards ) ...and she screamed to me.....Lucie ! look !
I was cards where on display ! what?????
I asked the sales lady who fortunately was the manager...just how long they have been dealing with the Editor......and how long ( my ) the cards were up for sale.

She told me about 4 years...
I asked her to call the representative..( after I told her who I was..and the short story )
She called...and passed me the phone.......I told the representative to have someone call me back ASP.

I bought 5 of ''my '' cards.and so did my friend.

Now back to what I found Tuesday morning........( googling my name )

Now this is going a bit TOO far.........they re-edited my art...and 2 of them..I never.but never sent or gave them permission to edit.
They do not even post my ( new as of 3 years ago ) website URL ?......what a joke !

WTF ??
I a way it is flattering...but in another way...I never but NEVER gave my permission to edit them. I t was NOT a life-time contract.
And...I would like some sort of commission..........right ?
And....why as they told me....( didn't sell ) are they selling them again..?

So now....I have to write up a'' legal '' letter...and ask for their financial assessments from year 2002 to 2009.
They can not say they never sold any..I still have the 5 I bought.
And tell them to take me off the website.....and to pay me an amount.
If they do not do this.I have to see a Lawyer to get an injunction for this to happen.
Then court.

Why do theses things always happen to me....I mean..I am not a world-wide famous artist ?

Interesting week...right ?