Friday, October 14, 2011

19.33 $ a day

Well after 10 years and more of combating the CSST. ( The Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail ) Which is actually a workman's Government based, compensation insurance.

I have finally given up.

Even if after all the specialists I have seen, and that they ALL agree my shoulder's condition has worsened..and that the mobility is less than 80 % than normal. They decide ( the commission's doctors ) without even seeing me for a consultation., that is age related ?..and NOT due to a double fracture of the head of the humerus.

There had been 9 years of complications due to that...( inflammations of the rotator cuff, chronictendinitis, pinching of the axillary nerve, ect..) I accepted this condition.and pain.

BUT Now there is another condition : Shoulder Osteoarthritis.This is very rare..and it is caused by a trauma to the shoulder., and repeated inflammatory conditions..

It is now affecting the 2 joints of my shoulder.The Hawkins and Neer tests were positive also the Speed and Yergason tests.

Now.......I can tell you it is very painful.even at night. Lifting the arm overhead commonly produces pain (for example, putting the dishes in the cupboards).I also have a hard time to wash my hair.. untie my Bra,,,Drive a car..,,ect....sometimes it is impossible.I will NOT give you the long list of things I can no longer do.

Even after all the x-rays.bone show the damage, the CSST refused to accept my worsened condition. I had done everything.......( and the specialists ) to prove my condition.

Oh..they did accept a % of lost habitability..( 8 years ago )...and permenant damage...... But they refuse this last one.......

Why ?

Because this would be too expensive to admit my condition.

And accepting my condition would create a JURISPRUDENCE.and open a chance to other injured

workers that are combating for justice.

Can't have that....right ?

So I will continue to '' survive '' on the 580 $ a MONTH compensation that they generously give me to shut up ! That is 19.33 $ a day to live on........

It is so humiliating , they are treating me like a frauder.......a lier...I guess they can include the 3 specialists on that list too.