Saturday, January 31, 2009

wow..what a horrible 2 weeks !

Good thing is that I am a better from my fractures ! yayyyyyyy

But what a stressful week ( 2 weeks to be more exact)
I had to go to the Work commission to witness.
23 rd Jan & 28th.
My ex-boss and his GF...were harassing me on the phone, gave wrong information out to my insurances for my workers compensation ( work accident of jan 23 rd last year )
The commissioner that heard my case...seemed to believe me at 90%.
Of course it was my word against them, but I had written proof.

When they witnessed....I could not believe all the lies !
I even cried right in the middle of their testimony.

I don't think it was worth all the emotions and trouble I lived through.
I thought by doing this...he would learn a lesson, well it's me that learned a lesson....don't sue......unless your wiling to hear lies and discrimination.

I called my Aprt. Building owner........I said look.....lets settel this out of court.
( because of my fall in the stairs )
I can not and do not want to relive another court just brings me down too much...... :(
And to be honest...I will accept anything....I need any kind of money.

Bali and Inka are staying with me..for now.
I had found someone to adopt them, but they wanted to declaw my babies ! ekkkkkkk

My new boss called me yesterday..and said not till the middle of Feb. will he have work for me.......
Gezzzzzzz thanks ! Just what I needed...another good

Sooooooo........I will be painting.....might as well, it's an investment.
I will try to sell some locally in order to eat..and pay some bills.
If not...bye-bye internet....and cable TV.

I am waiting confirmation to be accepted at ( if I still have internet )

This will give me more visibility.
Of course some of the profits on my sales will go to support wildlife and habitat conservation as I have done in the past.

Lets hope the next weeks will be better...and less emotionally charged. to start a new painting.......

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to heal

I can not to any type of job for at least 2 Time to ( try ) to relax.
I think I will start a new painting.
At least this gets my mind off things..and I will louse track of time.
I have no idea as of yet...but I will '' doodle'' something on paper this cold ( -30 & -38, with the chill factor ) morning. eeeeekkkkk

I asked for some legal advice in a forum yesterday morning....lots gave me good points and made me feel normal for suing the owner of the apartment building.
I was feeling like I was taking advantage of my situation in order to get money.
I realize now..its for my future...and that if my Injuries get worst in time...I will be covered.

Time to sketch something to do something productive.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was right for my tailbone ( coccyx )...but its has 2 fractures. ( no wonder it hurts so much )
But I was surprised to have a hairline fracture on one of my vertebrae.I think they told me T- 5 or T- 7...not important I is still is painful.
The waiting time in the ER.wasn't so long..8 hours apr.( including the x-rays )
I got there at 8:45 and was out at 4:15.
I got a series of 10 x-rays, mostly for my vertebrae.......they wanted to be sure it had not moved around or had more serious damage.
The only thing is that it might bother me a bit later on in life.

Now I contacted the owner of the apartment see if he can compensate with my painkillers.and meds, and the pain.
I am not asking much..just the the Dr, told me 2 weeks of doing the minimum ( for my back ),,,,not to exert pressure on the small fracture.
I have to go back in 15 days for another series of x-rays.

At lest the Percocet I got prescribed helped me have a reasonable pain-free night.

Monday, January 12, 2009

broken tailbone ( coccyx )

Last summer the owner of the apartment building had the stairs painted.
Being constructed in the 1940's the stairs are pretty used down and the wood is rounded off.Th painter didn't put sand in the paint making it anti-skid.

Well we told the landlord..ect...and with the snow over almost brand new glossy Grey paint, well....our postman fell down last week....and 2 other people that I know of.
The landlord was advised on this....DANGEROUS !

Saturday , I was going out to get things I needed for my supper. Mind you I know the stairs are I hold on to the ramps....but I slipped......5- 6 stairs...
I hit my back and then hit the last step on my tailbone.
My arm took a beating I was still holding on.
The wind was knocked out of me..and may I tell you I was in pain !

I am sure at 99.99 % that my coccyx is broken....I still can not sit or walk without pain...and now where my back hit the stairs...its like 2 or 3 hot needle sensation.
I had a hard time sleeping last night...* sigh*

If it wasn't to wait for 10 or more hours at the ER...I would go.
Maybe I will...
But they can not do anything for the tailbone..they cant cast it....right ? lol

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bali & Inka

my cats......
Well after lots & lots of thought and sleepless nights..and taking care of one of my furbabys......and a $ 700.00 vet bill..( just before Christmas ).I have to give my beautiful furkids away....

I was sure they would be with me for at least 10-15 years...
I have been always responsible of what pet I
Now its the money part that is scrapping it all.....both have feline herpes.
Inka has it...and passed to my beautiful Bali.I found this out with a DNA test 1 1/2 years ago, when Inka had an eye operation.

I am soooo heart broken...I love them both to death..but I love them enough to give them away so they care be cared for.
I contacted one of the cat shelters here...and they sent me some people....
Well all of them were in awe of my baby's...but....also overwhelmed with their energy.
I gave all the infos.......and they still came and they said...we don't want sick cats ,,I said '',,,oh..gez...they have a health condition...but can and are being treated...and will live long lives if monitored. I don't have the funds anymore to do this....this is why YOU are here....right ? ''
What a waist of time.......gezzzzzzzz I am giving them away...for crist,s sake !YA.....RIGHT....$ 5000.00 worth of cats for free.....and they want me to pay for the first vet visit ?.........I could do this myself..and keep them both I told them what they had.and showed all the vet papers. shhhheshhhh

So now they are both on contact only. An I did post serious ONLY.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is being an artist a realistic and achievable career?

I got to reflecting on this.......this week...and more seriously than before. Maybe I am at that stage and more mature. ( artistically )

is this a realistic career choice....... or are you going to live in a cockroach-invested small apartment... for the rest of your life, fulfilling the “starving artist” stereotype? In short, the odds of being a successful fine artist (someone who makes a living by creating original, one-off pieces of art) are against you -- but some people do succeed. Though most of us are exposed to art only as paintings in galleries, art teachers, and hobby painters, there are many other options out there. Being a fine artist isn’t the only career option for artists.

But I Want to Make a Career as a Fine Artist…!

It takes a lot of determination, hard work, hard selling, and persistence to make a career as a fine artist. You need to create paintings people want to buy. Are you willing to change your style and subject matter so that people will buy more? Will you take commissions, painting to order in terms of size..... color, and subject? Being a competent painter isn’t a magic wand. You also need to be able to market yourself and your work. It is possible to make a career as a fine artist, but it’s tough and few artists make a living by only selling their work (at least initially). But then who says you can do only one thing at a time?

determination...and yes hard work....comes down to at least 2 or 3 paintings a week ( min )
Why that much ?
Well....if your lucky..1 out 10 or 15 will be good.
You have to show only your best ones....this is going to be your reputation...and the statement that says '' its me ''

Time :
Some people choose a job simply because it pays the bills and leaves them with plenty of time to pursue a fine-art career part time. Or one in an unrelated field so it won't use up their creative energy. Only you can know if this is right for you. Personally I find being in a job I find dull...... even for only a few hours a day, stifles my creativity. But balancing demanding, albeit creative jobs means I must work at ensuring I schedule enough painting time in the week.

Now.....The ''term'' professional artist....I have head and read this soooo many times from beginners.
I have seen people on welfare...paint.and sell ( astoundingly low priced )paintings and say they are professionals. I do not think if they didn't have welfare..that they could survive ''only '' on their work.Same goes to stay at home Mom's....who's husband pays all and she ''hobby'' paints.....sells a bit..and says she a pro ? Ridiculous !

I for one.....can not say professional.
I can say semi-pro.
the term semi-professional can be applied to an artist such a photographer or musician who derives some income from their artistic endeavors but who must nevertheless take a day job in order to survive.

I could of said also......I am an emerging artist......which was true a couple of years ago...
But after being published.and appreciated, collected.... to the point of of someone taking advantage of me Because I wanted to get on the pro market...I think I am semi-pro now.

I found this searching the web...pretty interesting and a good eye opener.

1. "I want to be famous." This is not serious. It's confusing an almost-random accident with a career in art. If being famous is really important to you you'd be better off doing what Evel Knieval did: soar halfway across the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. He's famous. When you think about it, it's amazing just how many artists are right at this moment astride that metaphorical motorcycle, roaring up that ramp and out into the blue. Good luck to them all. But is it art?

2. "I want to create new forms of expression and change the world." You're too young. Wait five years and start again.

3. "I want to devote my spare time to fulfilling and meaningful activity. I would like to exhibit my work so as to share it with others, receive their feedback and continue to progress." There may be some hope for you.

4. "I want to be able to make a living doing what I love best." This is a bit trickier, but you might have a go. The worst that can happen is that you have to scale back your aspirations and get a job.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Ok I am fed up......
After having low blood palettes.....and height white Dr. WILL not give me the results until I see him.
WTF ? ALL he wants is to pass my Quebec Health Insurance card........and not tell me on the phone.
Phone would take 3 -4 minutes.....Going to see him.would take 1/2 day of my time..and 1/2 hour on his.....sheshhhhhh
I guess telling him I lost over 32 pounds since Sept hasn't really disturbed him.
I lost 4 (+ / - ) pounds over the holidays.......not normal.
My hair is becoming is my skin....