Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picking up from the past

I have to stay home Tomorrow all day, as I have a client come to look at 2 of my Zebra paintings.
I know this will probably be a sale, because this client is a fan of mine..and has already bought from me in the past :)
She is interested in the ''9 Zebras ''.
If she chooses this one...I know I will be sad to see it is my favorite.

I was picking up my studio last night......and I found this ''unfinished '' 30 x 36 inch Cougar face.
I was thinking of putting gesso to it....but.......something tells me to finish the painting.
Picking up from the past a painting..will be interesting.
I will be able to see what my evolution ( technique wise ) is from 5 years ago.