Monday, November 29, 2010

the Solitaire

Silently I stepped around
not to disturb anything with a sound.
Just to enjoy the sunset silence
where my mind could wander around.

Enjoy the peace in the air
without intruding noises everywhere
and enjoy the solitaire
that the evening held there.

Dyptique 24 x 24 inches ( each panel )
Total hanging size 50 x 24 inches
For sale.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

1/2 price SALE !

24 x 40 1/2 price ( $600.00 ) $ 1200.00 value
The shipping in Canada is free.
This would be a wonderful Christmas gift :)
A touch of exotic warmth..and loaded with stunning contrasting colors.
Painted on the sides ,so no frame is needed.
Just hang..and enjoy !
Painting title :
A safe landing place.


Next one.

30 x 30 inches
1/2 price ( $ 500.00 ) $ 1050.00 value
Painted on a 1 1/2 inch thick canvas.
Doisu Carp.
Part of my ''zen SERIES ''
Free shipping in Canada.

Both paintings come with a COA ( Certificate Of Authenticity )

If more detailed photos are wanted..feel free to contact me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


A gift from a friend....3...... 24 x 24 inch canvases. :)
So I have one left :)
This came at just the right time.......
I could not finish my cougar face as I do not have enough paints ( colors ), so I put it aside for now.
Friday morning..I took out 2 canvases...and did the sketch for the Zebra's face.
It took me a couple of get the ''exact '' proportions on both sides of face on canvas.

This took my mind off all the infructuous job searching that I have been doing for the past 3 - 4 months.
I guess no one wants an overweight handicapped, ugly old lady.

I even checked myself into a ladies homeless shelter last Friday , to take off the financial strain off my boy friend.
Maybe you are thinking this is crazy...but it isn't ......this way I was thinking of retrieving my independence..and not living on my generous friends hand-outs.
I just can not accept this anymore.
This is NOT me...... normally I am the one who helps.....Where has gone my pride and independence ?

Right now I am just numb to ANY emotions.

Anyways..back to the Dyptique.

2 x 24 when finished ( this week ) will be around 50 x 24 inches in all.
I am putting the focus on the eyes of the Zebra........ half opened....An inner feeling that I have to close myself out the outside world.....I will have this reflection on my Zebra.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picking up from the past

I have to stay home Tomorrow all day, as I have a client come to look at 2 of my Zebra paintings.
I know this will probably be a sale, because this client is a fan of mine..and has already bought from me in the past :)
She is interested in the ''9 Zebras ''.
If she chooses this one...I know I will be sad to see it is my favorite.

I was picking up my studio last night......and I found this ''unfinished '' 30 x 36 inch Cougar face.
I was thinking of putting gesso to it....but.......something tells me to finish the painting.
Picking up from the past a painting..will be interesting.
I will be able to see what my evolution ( technique wise ) is from 5 years ago.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

rock on part 2...

Well this is a start for adding the colors.......
Not sure about the Big Blue rock's bugging me :(
Since this will be ''almost '' the focal point...I will try to fix it up at the end.
I will be adding more Green rocks..and adding the textures.
I had thought of adding a leaf.....but it would be confusing......with all the colors of the will be too busy for the eye.
Water is a must will add movement and life.
This will be tricky...

I will post once finished.. :)

Have a good day !

Monday, August 2, 2010

rock on !

I do not know why the canvas has a blue hue to
Anyways.......this is a 18 x 24 beginning ( sketch of rocks )
I think I will add a bit of water going through the rocks....maybe a leaf or two........ floating around.
I had a bit of a set back last week.I was doing a LOT of paper work.and going through one of my 330 page file.
Sorting out..typing notes .
Was hard to concentrate , as I had this painting in my mind.
I hope my notes are ok..... paper work is not my thing.
That is done.....yes !....., so I can get back at my painting.......

See you Wednesday..and I already have an idea for the next painting.
Things are flooding my mind right now.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Another step

Well.....after one week of reflecting.on where I was going artistically.....I decided to get back to my paints, brushes..and air brush.

Although I do not have the funds to support myself right now....I still have some paints..and 3-4 free my mind..and occupy myself.

I am in more fear to louse my creativity...than to paint something that is less to my expectation.
I am also scared my new work will look like more than primitive rehashes of what I was doing when I stopped.

So I will continue creating art no matter how difficult the process becomes.
I will persevere, work throughout the though times. and I am sure I will be glad I did it !

''Art is your business card ''
It works for you 24 hours a day...and everywhere.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another '' friends list '' giveaway !

The winner will be chosen the 7th August on my friends list on Facebook.
20 x 20 inches.
For my friends that are on can add more chances by buying postcards .
The more you buy..the more chances you will have.
I have 2 new postcards in my collection. :)

you can buy them :

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2 new post cards for sale.

I will receive them tomorrow......or Monday . :)

you can order some here :

This ( if I sell some ) will help pay my internet bill.
I have not been working as much as I thought this month.
I made a bit less than 400 $
Half of this went towards the vets bill for Inka.
I am so tired of struggling to get my bills...ect.
Last month my income was less than someone on welfare. ( a bit under 600 $ )
Not whining..but I am discouraged a lot.
If this does not change financially.....I will go to the pawn shop with what is left of my jewelry and my cam.
Along with some things I do not use anymore.

I just need a door so I can put my foot in..and pull it open........
The question is where is the door ?

The shipping is free for the postcards..and you can combine 6 different ones......

Have a good day

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well...after debating if I was going to go fishing...I am more than glad I did !
What a thrill !
Beautiful scenery..peace & quiet.

The first morning.we got up at 3am....I started to make breakfast...on the propane stove.
Looked for the pots & pans ( I should of looked the night before ) the bacon going....the eggs....heated up the beans...then.....the darn smoke detector took off !
I found the off button...but 3 am ?...I must of woke up all the other cabins.......
Continued cooking.( half woken up )
Made the coffee..then the toasts...then the darn thing sounded off AGAIN !
This time..I stepped in a mouse trap....the thing triggered shut on my small toe !

Now I was swearing..getting the trap off....watching the eggs...and finding the off button for the smoke alarm....
My Boy friend was between laughing.......and and watching me running around....with his mouth opened.
Well.......That woke me up. !

The 4 days went too fast....
I needed this....
Somehow this rejuvenated my spirit....and soul.
I still have all the wonderful scenery in my mind..........the 3 Moose we saw...the Loons on the lake..the birds......the smells........

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's been almost 2 months since my last blog post.
I have lived ups and downs.......and must admit ...and an attempted suicide.
I am not dramatizing this.....but it has helped me to fight for life.

I am still psychologically week.........very...........but I accepted the fishing trip my boyfriend has been insisting to go.
3 days......up Quebec North......4 hours from us....then another 2 in the wilderness.
Just being out of the City sounds......and hearing nothing..or almost...will do wonders for me.
I said yes this morning.
I had an idea.......for a painting....and yes I will paint this..when I get back from fishing......

Solitude..........I only cropped a part of what is my mind........if all goes well.......I should show it to you in 2-3 weeks....

It is hard for me to re-start painting.....but I is part of an organ.

2 weeks.......see you then....

Friday, April 23, 2010


I am doing a final sale of the last of my paintings.
Any offer will be seriously taken into consideration.

Sale only in Canada, sorry.
Unless you want to pay extra for the shipping.

Since theses will go at a VERY low price..I can not afford to pay for the shipping also.

Click on the photos for a ''larger ''view.


This called ''a safe landing ''
24 x 40 inches


The one above is 30 x 30 inches....and is painted on a gallery canvas 1 1/2 inch thick


20 x 20 inches

*** sold ***


30 x 60 inches
Koi pond 1


This 12 x 36.........3 Zebras in field

*** sold ***


24 x 48 inches

9 Zebras ( sunset accents )


Filled with passion....24 x 24

Fell free to contact me for more information.......

Thank you !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

very close to home.

Click the news paper page for a larger view.


After seeing a Television program Sunday the 11th Of April....this brought up lots of painful memories.
The program interviews celebrity's.ect...

The man interviewed was Claude Artist.

Claude Robinson is a citizen of Quebec, a creator and an illustrator, who has been fighting alone, for 15 years, against unscrupulous multinationals from the movie and television industry who stole and exploited his work.

you can read more about him & his battle.

one citation that struck me........well lets say 2....


“I was lucky to be born with a talent: drawing and creating. I earned my living by creating. For me, creating is a delight. It’s what’s always defined me. […] Now, I hate my talent. If I hadn’t created my cartoon character, I wouldn’t have had to live what I’ve lived.”

2 : As a creator, you’re responsible for what you’ve created, but you must protect and defend your creation, otherwise you betray your work and yourself.
- Claude Robinson

I have been down-siding to a depression.....
I was wondering why.....
Why ? the past my art was stolen. ( read the newspaper page )
And last December..another time. ( maybe even I found this surfing the web )
A printing and greeting card company was producing illegaly MY art and selling them.!!!

...ok...take them to court ?
I wish I had the strength right now....
All I know is that I want to get rid of my art.
I understand Claude when he says '' I hate my art ....''
It is a strong statement...but somehow it has a truthful side.

I did sell a couple...and if ANY strength comes back...I will gather my courage to bring them to court.

This money was put aside for this reason...for the future.
Citation 2........That was said by Claude......woke me up.
It is true to fight for your artistic integrity......big or small it might be.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Should I give up ?

Despite my dedication I am getting nowhere trying to interest any provincial gallery, let alone a Quebec City one.
I am spending a LOT on promotions, exposure, and in vain.
Most of my part-time hard job money goes to this..leaving me with almost nothing for art supplies.......and let alone any luxury.
I do sell a few things, mainly through friends, and to new customers, ( on the web ) but not in a consistent way.
In the last month, I had 4 people interested ( and I mean REALLY interested ) in buying some art.
They all backed out, leaving me heart broken almost seeing the money fly away.
Am I really a bad painter and should I give up?

I was told by 4 Art Galleries, animal art does not sell in Quebec ( the whole Provence )....unless I had a solid art formation.
Being self-taught , and having almost nothing on an art resumé, does not help.
4 or 5 years ago...I did apply to University Laval, ( art degree courses ).....I was accepted..but I didn't realize just how much money this would cost.
I do call every year or so, just to find out if I am still a worthy candidate student.
I am.
So frustrating not to have the funds.

This week I will call a Government organisation to see if they will help me out.
I had a bad work accident back in 1999.....and I have a compensation for this ( handicap ) till I am 65.
The compensation is about the price of my apartment lease. ( at least this gets payed )

I still have the courage to pursue my dream, even though doing really taking out a physical toll on me.
Yes....... I was one of the first ladies in Quebec City doing this hard trade.

This may sound cruel and simplistic, but to get a decent ride on the train of joy, many artists need to spend more time shovelling coal.
Am I part of theses ? seems so.

Maybe they ( Government ) can help me recycle to being a full time artist ?
I think I have the talent....or do I?

'Never give up' in the words of Winston Churchill are very important words that motivate and keep a body and soul together. It is hard these days to be an artist.

Failing is not a disgrace.
................or is it ?

Friday, March 5, 2010

*sigh *

Well after being laid off for 2 months .......This week my boss re-called me to go back to work.
yay!............( I thought )

Wensday....went in to work........feeling so happy.
This meant money to buy art supplies and to survive.
Yesterday after dinner...he thanked me.......but said the '' contract '' that was supposed to come in..... didn't.
He told me he didn't know when he would call me again.

We had a conversation about this off-and-on thing last Tuesday.

I told him I could not ''live '' on a 2 day a week salary.....and that I would be looking for another job.
Well,.he told me......wait !.......I want you to paint me an Elephant.....or maybe an African scene.

WOW........:)............OK.......ummmmmm...can you give me a deposit ? I asked ....
'' Sure we will talk about this week at work.''
Yesterday after he told me he didn't know when I would be called back...I told him, now is the time for me to talk about the painting you wanted, and I could do it while I am on standby.

Well..the answer was not what I expected.

his answer : '' I do not have the time for this..I will think about it. ''
I asked him what this answer.

All he wanted was me to come in for 2 days and do a ''rush '' job.
How could I be so naive !!....again !

A painting that I though would be sold overseas... didn't sell after all.
A series of complications came up.
I did my best to find a I always do.......I pride myself in an better than '' excellent '' shipping for what I call my '' babies ''...even some times paying 100 % of the shipping. etc.

The client sent me a gift , for my troubles.
This brought tears to my eyes.
How sweet.........and considerate !

I am taking a couple of days to collect my thoughts.....and wipe my tears.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

too much time on my hands.

I have a medium sized canvas left.....and limited paints ( colors )
So I think I will paint this week......with the colors I have in my studio.

I was hoping to start the ''raven ''.....but I am missing paints ( back & purple )
I could do some get those colors, but with airbrush paints it is harder, and I need to keep '' some '' colors on hand.

I did about 3 hours of computer cutting, gluing , drawing multipule subjects , and I came up with this.
I feel like going underwater for once.......there is a calming feeling in the ocean.

I chose the Nautilus (from Greek ναυτίλος, 'sailor') Having survived relatively unchanged for millions of years, and are often considered "living fossils."

The second subject in the painting will be a shipwreck. ( background )
This louses us in time.........two things from the past..and still present now.

I will post the ''canvas '' steps by steps this week, so keep an eye on my blog. :)

Have a good week everyone !

Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I paint………where does the passion come from ?

Why I paint………where does the passion come from ?

Why do I sometimes give away my passion?

I think all artists have root causes and inspirations.
Mine is quiet simple.

As a child, a military family raised me.
We moved around a lot.
Some times less than a year in one city, on the Base.Then we packed up…and moved again.
I can honestly say I had about 25 ‘’ home towns “ when I was young.

Friends were hard to get, as all of the Military children, we became close, then……it was time to say goodbye to our new friend.
A sentiment of abandonment was always present.
( Mine was even bigger, as I was adopted……… and this sentiment will with me forever.)
The loss of a friend or friends as a child is always heart wrenching.

So as we moved to a new location…… I drew & painted .
This was my only friend for the first month or so.
I isolated myself from further hurtful losses…… I was protecting myself from further heartbreaks.
The only other companions were animals…and Nature.
If there was a wood, park.or any inhabited area,,,,you can be sure I was there. Nature was always a comfort to me. I knew it would always be there for me.
I ran away to those parts….and I was a constant source of worry to my parents.

I was always a very social person…so when school started….I made friends.
My art seemed to attract people.
I gave all my art away when I was young.
To me it was like a part of me stayed with the new-lost friend when my Father got transferred to another Military base, and new city..
No matter how I loved those little paintings or sketches….I knew part of ME would stay in their hearts.

I have lost touch with maybe 100 ‘’best ‘’ friends in my childhood.
100 times my heart was broken…..the sentiment of abandonment was almost unbearable at this time in my live.

Art has always put a healing balm on my heart..and I continue to share…….as if I want part of me in someone’s heart.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Give-away !

I am always happy to do this....maybe this will be a ''monthly '' event for me to do.
For the second month...I chose to use the list in my FaceBook friends.
The painting is called '' reaching out ''
12 x 36 inches and ready to hang.
A COA will be given along to the winner.
It is worth $ 525

I have 78 of them now..not a big list..but filled with loving people...that I wish to share a smile and a bit of joy with them.
Valentines day is perfect for this drawing.
Middle of February..where most of us get the ''winter '' blues.

I am lucky....I love I never get those............ :)

Good luck to my FB friends !

If all goes well........I will be painting soon.
March..........ummmmmmm...first week ...yes !

And now a bit of self promotion..........
I still have some post cards...
This will help me buy some art supplies.......( mostly air brush nozzles...they sell at 18 $ each...and last about 3 paintings.......oh.and the frisket.....that is about 60 $ a roll .......and lasts about 4 paintings, depending on the size )

Here is the link for the post cards.

See you the 14th...........someone is going to get a painting ! :-D


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi everyone....... ! :)
I came back to get some contacts and addresses I needed.
Instead of going back & forth.....I stayed.

I have been working 3 days a week now...and changed job in my ''old '' trade...upholstering.
It is hard on my body....but I am grateful to have some money coming in.
It isn't a lot...but I will survive.
At least there is some creativity involved :)

I can not buy any art supplies for might go till March.......but I will wait.
This is really depressing me a I have a mind-full of ideas.

That's life.................

I postponed the lawsuit towards ''mer & monde '' till the 15th of Feb.
I am reading the IP Laws of Canada ( Intellectual Property laws ) first to be ready.
I can not believe they think a contract can be changed without notification....6 years ?
At least they took off my art on their Web site.....yay !

Oh...and get this.......they say they owe me $ 15.00 in royalties.
Even the Judge will laugh this one out.............6 years of selling my art?

Anyways.......I am happy........but a bit depressed......people flee I am not my ''normal '' optimistic self.
But I am the same person inside....((( hugs ))))

I still think this will be my year........too many emotions..and life's ups & downs will make me Artistically better.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Just sharing a couple of stats with you...and I wish to thank you all !

website results :

Estimated number of visits for
394 visits per week..only for Canada.

list of countries :
drill down39478.80%CanadaCanada
drill down7314.60%United StatesUnited States
drill down81.60%United KingdomUnited Kingdom
drill down40.80%GermanyGermany
drill down30.60%AustraliaAustralia
drill down20.40%New ZealandNew Zealand
drill down20.40%Iran, Islamic Republic OfIran, Islamic Republic Of
drill down20.40%IsraelIsrael
drill down10.20%IndonesiaIndonesia
drill down10.20%Syrian Arab RepublicSyrian Arab Republic
drill down10.20%FranceFrance
drill down10.20%EuropeEurope
drill down10.20%FinlandFinland
drill down10.20%TurkeyTurkey
drill down10.20%SwedenSweden
drill down10.20%TogoTogo
drill down10.20%ItalyItaly
drill down10.20%IcelandIceland
drill down10.20%ChinaChina
drill down10.20%Peru


My blog is a little slower.....:)
But I am very happy with the people coming here to share a small part of my world.